Lauren was born and raised in North Dallas. She graduated a year early from Richardson High School and then also graduated early with her Bachelors degree, B.A.A.S., from The University of North Texas ("UNT"). 


After graduating from UNT, Lauren started her law school education in Fort Worth, Texas at Texas A&M School of Law, f/k/a Texas Wesleyan University School of Law. Lauren then took a year off from law school and worked as a claims adjuster for Farmers Insurance, but returned to law school to finish her degree. During this time, Lauren learned graphic design and started building websites as part-time work while she pursued the remainder of her law degree; these tools have become invaluable for her business clients to this day. She also interned at several law offices, learning her passion for civil litigation.


Lauren graduated with her juris doctor degree, J.D., and thereafter, Lauren became a Texas licensed attorney after passing the Texas Bar Exam. In her beginning years in the practice of law, Lauren worked for various firms who each handled a wide variety of practice areas; while this experience included copyright, trademark and patent litigation, construction litigation, insurance bad-faith defense, professional liability defense and consumer claims -- she predominately practiced in the areas of commercial litigation and insurance defense. Following her years working as an associate attorney for these firms, Lauren joyfully started her own practice, The Law Offices of Lauren A. Harris. From her time at those various firms, Lauren learned what kind of attorney she sought to be, and what kind of law practice she sought to run -- as seen in The Vision.


Upon starting her own practice, Lauren's docket switched to representation primarily on behalf of Plaintiffs, bringing claims on behalf of the injured and damaged for redress. Based on her years of civil defense experience, Lauren is uniquely situated to handle any Plaintiff's case. Especially those involving a Defendant covered under an insurance policy, based on her experience at insurance-defense law firms where she handled cases including, but not limited to: motor vehicle accidents/wrongful death/UM/UIM/personal injury/premises liability, construction, and medical malpractice/professional liability claims. Having been a former claims adjuster for an insurance company, and later the attorney hired by insurance companies on behalf of their insureds, Lauren is practiced in the realm of insurance and knows how insurance companies evaluate, handle, settle and/or defend their claims and lawsuits.


Further, Lauren is a Certified Mediator in the State of Texas, and has undergone extensive training in mediating disputes, before or during litigation.


Moreover, Lauren's exposure to commercial disputes, business law and intellectual property makes her an asset in any business transaction, including, but not limited to: business entity formation, obtaining all required licenses, permits or certificates, website creation, business plans/marketing strategy, copyright and trademark filings, claims against professionals, commercial non-payment disputes, owner disagreements, contracts drafting, including bylaws/operating agreements, and much more.