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Business formation, Web Design,

logos, contracts & more

Starting a new business is exciting! Let the Firm help you get you on your feet for all the steps involved, from LLC, Corporation or other business entity formation, Federal, State and Local Tax ID procurement, operating agreements and bylaws, contract drafting, domain procurement, domain email procurement, website/logo design and creation, website maintenance and support, marketing strategy, marketing materials, obtaining all the proper licenses, permits, certifications and more!

We offer Business Service Options to fit whatever business needs you may have!

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What issues need to be considered when forming a business?

The purpose of the business

The legal structure it will adopt, such as a partnership, limited liability company or corporation

The tax ramifications at federal, state, and local levels

Documentation, cretifications and licenses required

Planning for the business estate in the event of retirement, death, or sale

Why should i hire a business attorney?

In many cases, people think about hiring a business attorney when they are having disputes or facing litigation. While it becomes necessary to hire experienced legal counsel in these situations, many times prior planning could save you money down the line. It is always a good idea to seek the legal counsel of a business attorney before starting any venture. At The Law Offices of Lauren A. Harris, we can help you with business issues, such as the formation of your business, drafting of contracts, and help you  determine if an LLP, LLC, partnership or other business formation entity works best for your company. We can also draft contracts and other documents so that your business interests are always protected. We help you negotiate contracts with vendors and leasing to make sure you understand the agreement and verify that it works in your favor. In the event that you do face litigation, having an attorney that understands your business helps tremendously. In the event you do face a lawsuit, we can aggressively represent the interests of your business. See Commercial Litigation for more information about business litigation.

What are the advantages of a Texas LLC over a Texas corporation?

One of the advantages of forming an LLC in Texas over a corporation is protection against “outside liabilities.” As long as the LLC is distinct from its owners, is adequately capitalized, and is not used to perpetuate a fraud, then, the LLC as well as a corporation will protect its owners from inside liabilities and inside creditors (this means that the member cannot be held personally responsible for the LLC’s debts and obligations and the member’s personal assets are shielded from the LLC liabilities). The multi-member LLC also protects the LLC (and thus the other members of the LLC) from outside liabilities and outside creditors.  An outside creditor with a judgment against one member of the LLC is only allowed to take whatever actual cash distributions are made by the LLC. Unlike the usual corporation, the outside creditor cannot force a distribution or demand any portion of the assets of the LLC. 

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