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Commercial and General Civil Litigation

COMMERCIAL LITIGATION: If you have a business dispute, the Firm can advise you of your rights, evalute your issue, and represent your cause before the Court; whether this be a disagreement between owners, claims against a professional or a breach of contract, call the Firm for your free consultation today.

GENERAL CIVIL LITIGATION: If you have a civil legal issue, the Firm is well versed in a variety of civil law areas. Call today for a free consultation regarding your particular issue, and we will explain the civil process based on the facts of your situation and represent your interests against opposing parties and before the Court.


What is civil litigation?

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties who seek money damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions.

What is commercial litigation?

Commercial litigation is any civil legal dispute brought on behalf of, or against a business.

I have been sued and am required to appear before the court. What is the timeline for me to respond?
You have approximately twenty days (the number of days varies) from the date you were served with a citation and petition in which to answer a lawsuit in Texas state court.

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