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MEDIATION: Mediation, as used in law, is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), a way of resolving disputes between two or more parties. Attormey Lauren A. Harris is a Certified Mediator in the State of Texas, and assists the parties to negotiate a settlement. The mediator acts as a neutral third party and facilitates rather than directs the settlement process. More specifically, mediation has a structure, timetable and dynamics which is lacking in ordinary negotiation. The process is private and confidential, possibly enforced by law and participation is typically voluntary.

COLLABORATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Not everyone is ready for litigation, and they seek instead to work out an agreement in good faith without the time and expense of going to Court. The Firm's collaborative dispute resolution process can help you through an issue when both sides are willing to peacebly solve their problem. This process halves the fee and relieves the stress of both parties hiring their own attorney. To learn more about this process and what it entails, call the Firm for a free consultation today.



How does collaborative dispute resolution work?

Where typically all parties to a dispute engage separate attorneys, in Collaborative Dispute Resolution, the parties both hire the same attorney. This method is very cost-effective, because the attorney fee is divided by the parties. Moreover, Collaborative Dispute Resolution requires that the parties are all agreeable to reach a mutually beneficial resolution of their dispute without filing suit or ever entering a courtroom. Further, all parties must agree to a conflict of interest waiver, so that The Law Offices of Lauren A. Harris can represent both parties under the laws of the State of Texas.  


What is mediation?

Mediation is a confidential, non-binding alternative dispute resolution proceeding used to resolve conflicts between parties prior to a trial or other legal action. Mediation is used when the parties are not working collaboratively, and instead have their own counsel. Attorney Lauren Harris is a Certified Mediator in the State of Texas, and she serves as an impartial mediator who is either appointed by the Court or chosen by an agreement of the parties to preside over the mediation and facilitate the communication between the parties in order to attempt to resolve their dispute.

What is the mediator's role?
Attorney Lauren Harris is a Certified Mediator in the State of Texas, and she has received extensive training in mediation techniques. The mediator is a neutral referee and is not there as an advocate for any party. However, the mediator may provide valuable insight into the litigation process and assessing the risk/reward of pursuing litigation.

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